Asus Eee PC R051PX Netbook Review

A new Eee PC is making a run to be a nicely sold netbook. With the 10-inch matte display is is available for just 230 Euros. Integrated is the proesssor N570 with dual-core technologie and a GMA 3150 graphics card which isn’t really suitable for gaming. But what do people want for this price? A nice gaming laptop with good build quality.

With the proven Seashell Design the build quality of this notebook is very nice. The taiwanese manufacturer got the Eee PC R051PX a plastic case, available in the colors red, black and white. The measures are 36 mm x 262 mm x 178 mm, the weight 1198 grams which makes the Eee a mobile netbook.

The Eee PC R051PX comes with the most needed ports. Three USB 2.0 ports are available for this netbook. No fast USB 3.0 technology or eSATA ports. Although there is a VGA out, you won’t find a HDMI jack. There is a card reader onboard.

The 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1.024×800 pixel has a good luminosity but a bad contrast and the black value. The blacks look more like greys on this display.

The heart of the Eee PC R051PX Netbook is a dual-core Atom processor with the model number N570. The clock speed of this energy saver is 1660Mhz. Along with Intel’s Atom there is a slow graphic card under the hood, namely the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3150. The 1 GB of DDR3-RAM is not enough in my opinion, you will have to upgrade to 2GB (max). The hard disc has a capacity of 320 Gbyte and 5,400 rpm. The battery power is good for a netbook. 11 hours in idle mode and 4 and a half hour under heavy duty.

In 3DMark the Asus Eee PC R051PX Netbook made only 144 points, you can forget actual games completely. But gamers wouldn’t buy netbooks either.

Overall, the ASUS Eee PC R051PX is a good netbook with its strenghts and flaws. I like the build quality and the battery power of more than 11 hours. Like almost every notebook, this Asus netbook isn’t suitable for gaming but only for office work. The price makes this laptop very attractive.

How to Make Lactose Free Yogurt with Probiotics

Yogurt is famous for its good bacteria. It is good for the body and a snack everybody can enjoy, especially for the kids.

Health conscious parents and people take advantage of this fact and eat yogurt regularly. This is the reason why many would love to learn how to make homemade yogurt.

There are many recipes and variations in making yogurt. Some focus on the flavors while some on the nutritional value. Would you like to make yogurt? Then, you should use a yogurt maker, or at least an oven to keep the yogurt warm while it ferments.

What are Probiotics?

The layman’s term for probiotic is good bacteria. They are microorganisms that naturally swarm with in our body fighting off bad bacteria. This type of bacteria is also found in foods and supplements.

In our digestive system alone, there are over 500 kinds of bacteria. Probiotics also maintain good immune system. They keep our intestines healthy and help in melting down food. This is the reason why it is recommended for people with digestive disorders such as gastroparesis.

According to researchers, some disorders in the digestive system are results of good bacteria disruption. Meaning, there is a lack of good bacteria supply. This usually happens when taking antibiotic. That is why one of the side effects of antibiotic is diarrhea because it kills all type of bacteria.

This can be rectified by intake of new bacteria in a form of probiotics. Yogurt, due to its bacterial make up is considered as food with probiotics. Yogurt can be good to a person suffering from digestive disorders.

What is a Lactose Free Yogurt?

There are people who have lactose intolerance wherein they have inability digesting lactose. Wondering what lactose is? Well, it is a sugar found in milk. One of the ingredients in making yogurt is milk. Therefore, if you have lactose intolerance, you need to eat a lactose free yogurt which is a yogurt without milk.

How to Make Lactose Free Yogurt with Probiotics

If a person has lactose intolerance and wants to eat yogurt, the homemade yogurt coconut recipe will work. These are the ingredients:

Half batch of yogurt coconut milk
15 oz of coconut milk (organic)

You need to have the following tools:

2 ½ quart jars
Thermometer (for kitchen use)
Spoon made of stainless
Stainless pots
Yogurt maker

In using a yogurt maker, just mix and incubate the ingredients in the yogurt maker.
If you do not have a yogurt maker, do the following:

1. Sterilize containers.
2. Heat coconut milk about 80-100 degrees F.
3. Turn off the burner and cool the milk once it reached 80-100 degrees F by stirring it.
4. Put into the containers.
5. Put into the coolers for fermentation process for about 6 hours.
6. Check the yogurt if it’s done.
7. Cover and refrigerate to have it cooled.

Flying with the Soldiers of Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition

About the game

How well do you know your WWI fighter planes and battle sequences? If the answer is “not a whole lot” or “I can talk about WWI fighter planes all day!” then this game-rated M by the ESRB- is the one for you. Developed by 777 Studios, Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition is a PC multiplayer game designed to quench any gamer’s thirst for action-packed dogfights and mind-blowing graphics.

One of the new features included in this epic title, is the number of fighter planes available. These include the Fokker D. VII, the Albatros D. Va, and the Pfalz D. IIIa. The Allied planes include the Spad XiII, the Nieuport 28, the SE.5a, and the Sopwith Camel. Not only do you get to dogfight in these bad boys equipped with more gun sight and new engines, but there is also a new chat system available for you to talk to your online friends with. 2 new campaigns are added as well, titled ‘Hat in the Ring,’ which enables the player to play as a soldier of the 94th Squadron-an army of American volunteers- and ‘Du Doch Nicht (Not you, never!)’ where you can win medals and awards.

In the previous Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War PC game, the controls menu was a bit difficult to maneuver and comprehend. That is if you’re an inexperienced flighter pilot, which in reality, most of us are. But nonetheless! There are no real obstacles in this Rise of Flight game, but it does require time to master at first. With practice this game is definitely one to remember because of its historical content, intense gameplay and new features. The release date was set on July 6th exclusively in the U.S., so find it now at your local Gamestop, Fry’s Electronics, online at, or at any other videogame retail store for only $49.99. Enjoy and happy gaming from Charlie!