About Us

KMDA, is the statutory planning and development authority for the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) under provision of the West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979. Initially formed under a Presidential Ordinance in 1970, it is today the agency for planning, promoting and developing the KMA.

Kolkata is the oldest and the second largest metropolis in India. This city of art and the cultural capital of the country now extends over 1854 sq. km with a population of more than 15 million. Today, it is also a vibrant and growing modern city with a dynamic IT sector, a booming retail market, and a fast expanding industrial hinterland. Kolkata is today poised at a takeoff stage – where it needs to carry its illustrious past into its leap into the future and therefore holds a multitude of developmental challenges for its planners i.e. KMDA

KMDA’s role is multi disciplinary – it is the agency of city planning, it sculpts new areas and townships, it develops physical infrastructure as well as provide basic services like water, drainage, waste management. Besides these KMDA is also the Technical Secretariat to Kolkata Metropolitan Planning Committee (KMPC), being the first of its kind in India, constituted under the West Bengal Metropolitan Planning Committee Act, 1994.

KMDA has a competent multi disciplinary team, with a wealth of experience and expertise. The pool of multi-disciplinary expertise comprising of engineers, planners, social scientists etc. has hardly any parallel in India. It is this core group that has crafted the city’s urban regeneration and provided a quality enriching living environment.

KMDA is on way to implementing an ambitious growth plan for Kolkata —- Come take this ride.

For more than three decades, KMDA has been engaged in preparation of perspective and master plans and formulation and execution of project proposals, besides carrying out land use and development control functions.

KMDA’s interventions have not been limited to physical infrastructure like water supply, sanitation and roads, but also have included health care and employment generation among urban poor. The wide spectrum of activities has enabled KMDA to achieve many a milestones and also an enviable position. So far KMDA has created infrastructure costing more than Rs.2000 crore, the beneficial impacts of which have not only been far and wide but also inclusive so as to reach the benefits to all sections of people in KMA.